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Friday Five: Week of August 27-31

Christine Curtin

We bet you're looking forward to the long weekend as much as we are! Before you jet out of the office, take a look at our top industry article picks from the week.


1. The 12-Step Insider's Guide to Getting Press Coverage


PR pros love securing coverage for their clients, but it isn't as easy as calling up just any reporter. Here are 12 tips for convincing someone to write about your client.

2. Meet the Newest Crop of Chicago Start-Ups


Chicago is a growing tech hot-spot, and here's a list of the newest start-ups to hit the Windy City.

3. San Francisco Sees Influx of New Tech Jobs


The recession may have taken some tech jobs away from the Bay area, but 13,000 jobs have been added in the first half of 2012 thanks to 150 new tech firms opening up shop in San Fran.

4. Fast-Growing Companies Call These 10 Cities Home


Our very own Chicago is one of the cities that sustains the largest number of fast-growing companies!

5. Why most press release quotes are unreadable -- and how to fix them

(PR Daily)

A great quote can really take a press release to another level, but many times the quotes end up dull and jargon-y. Here's how to write an effective press release quote.


Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!