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Friday Five Week of 6/3-7

Sarah Hale

Happy Friday! Here are a few tech, communications and marketing articles this week that you might have missed.

Google Glass Is Only The Beginning Of Cloud-Powered Wearable Technology, Survey Suggests – Forbes

As we count down to when our very own Mike Santoro will receive his Google Glass, any article mentioning Glass catches our eye. As Joe McKendrick predicts, Google Glass will give rise to a plethora of cloud-based wearable gadgets, from fitness monitors to wearable cameras. If glasses aren’t your style, clothing like Motorola’s Wearable Technology Jacket could soon be common.

Being Digital Demands You Be More Human - Harvard Business Review

Why would a company send a cease-and-desist letter after a child sent them a drawing of their company’s product? With the rise of technology, some marketers are forgetting the greatest advantage of tech: enhanced interaction. Treat each point of contact with a stakeholder like an opportunity, not a potential conflict.

How to fight pitch fatigue – Fast Company

No matter how many times you’ve been at bat, pitching can sometimes become as tiring as sports clichés. The article discusses pitching investors, but the same principles apply to media relations. Break up your routine and focus on connecting with each prospect or reporter instead of focusing on the end result.

Two Sentences that Engage Customers – Inc.

We’re fascinated by the nuances in communication – how the slightest change in tone or wording can completely alter the customer experience. The Inc. article recommends, quite simply, that you stop talking about yourself and start by discussing what you can do for the customer.

Lessons from a one-line press release – PR Daily

It’s the press release that read more like a tweet: “Stone Temple Pilots have announced they have officially terminated Scott Weiland.” When is brevity necessary and when is it a gimmick? It turns out that the one-liner was incredibly effective, leaving reporters and the public wanting more and giving them a reason to reach out and ask questions.

Have you read any interesting articles lately? Share yours below or let us know on Twitter @WalkerSands.