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Friday Five Week of 6/10-14

Sasha Hayman

Happy Friday! A lot has gone on this week in social media, PR, marketing and tech. Here are some highlights:

You Won’t Finish This Article – Slate

I didn’t, so I don’t really know what it’s about. Just kidding! But we’ve all done it: Blindly sharing an article on social media based solely on the headline, maybe the intro, but certainly without reading the whole article.

This article takes you through the stages of engagement on websites, from people who “bounce” immediately off the page, people who leave when they have to scroll, who leave a few hundred words in, and so on.

Not surprisingly, very few people make it to the end of an article. In fact, only 25 percent even make it past the first few paragraphs. Part of me was hoping there would be a surprise at the end of this article for those of us who made it all the way there. PSA: There’s not, but it sheds some light on the behavior of readers in an age of skimming, so it’s worth the read anyway.

How Journalists Really Feel About the Digital Evolution – AdWeek

You don’t need to be working in PR to notice that digital technology is growing in the world of newsgathering and reporting. This article shows journalists' point of view on today's media landscape, what sources they're using for content, and offers some interesting predictions for the future.

3 Ways to Use Reddit for PR – Ragan

It seems like you hear about Reddit everywhere these days. It’s become the modern day platform for getting the word out, placing itself as a vital piece of mainstream media coverage through its role in the investigation of the Boston Marathon bombers. However, you and your company shouldn’t go posting everything on Reddit – at least not without learning the proper “Reddiquette.”

America’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2013 – Forbes

Having an innovative idea isn’t always enough to keep your tech company afloat. Forbes looks into American tech companies that have proven they aren’t going to fade anytime soon and are built to outpace their rivals, creating a list of the 25 fastest growing tech companies in 2013. You may be surprised by the rankings – LinkedIn is number 1 with an average sales growth of 102 percent.

Facebook Finally Gets Hashtag Support – Mashable

#Facebookhashtagsrock. Rumors that the content organization system created by Twitter was coming out for Facebook were buzzing around the web in March, and this Wednesday they finally rolled it out to some users. However, I’d like to point out that it is only NOW acceptable for you to be posting hashtags on Facebook – rejoice, those of you who were already doing it.

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