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Friday Five: October 29-November 2

Christine Curtin

Happy Friday! We hope that everyone affected by Sandy is safe. While those directly in its path may have been the hardest hit, the hurricane had an impact on people and businesses everywhere as you’ll see in today’s Friday Five.

'Working From Anywhere': Employees Flung Afar By Hurricane Sandy Telecommute From Wherever

(The Huffington Post)

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, millions of New Yorkers find both their homes and offices without power, and for those who need to work, the scramble for power is on. Uptown Starbucks, Irish bars, really anywhere with WiFi, have transformed into alternative workplaces. "Working from home" has become "Working from anywhere."

Twitter launches new visualization tool to track engagement with election topics across the US

(The Next Web)

Twitter just announced a charting and mapping tool that allows users to sort tweets from the presidential candidates, tracking engagement across the United States. Happy Tweeting (and voting)!

6 Things That Can Kill Your City’s Startup Community


Not every tech startup can launch in Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley or another tech-focused area. Cities across the US have started developing their own entrepreneurial tech communities. Brad Feld outlines key mistakes that startup communities often make.

How Silicon Alley Startups Quickly Recovered In Sandy's Aftermath

(Business Insider)

Modern technology makes it possible to work when you don’t have access to an office. The employees of are banding together to get things done!

$300M Raised, Movember Bankrolls Shift in Cancer Research With Social Network


Movember, which sprouted from a mustache-growing bet, is now the largest prostate cancer funder in the world. Co-founder Adam Garone is on a mission to take cancer research one step further with Promoveo, a “sophisticated social network for collaborative research.” Lean about how scientists all over the globe can network and share important research.