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Friday Five: October 1-5

Rachel Krasnow

Thank goodness it's Friday! Take a break from the daily grind and read our top five picks for October 1-5:

1. Apple Honors Steve Jobs with Tribute Video (LA Times)

In honor of the first anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, Apple colleagues created a video to celebrate his life as a tech-geek, an innovator, and an inspiring creator.

2. Facebook Wants You to Pay $7 to Promote Your Posts (CNN)

Facebook is now beginning to integrate a payment system into the everyday news feed.  Click to find out more about the option to front cash and get more people to see what you're saying.

3. Should SEO Departments be Renamed "Content Marketing" Departments?   (Search Engine Watch)

Check out this article to see a deeper dive into the difference between content marketing and SEO and why the two should be used together.

4. The five key decisions Apple must make  (MacWorld)

With a new CEO in Steve Jobs' place,  Apple must focus on several areas of their products  to stay at the top of the market. The article zooms in on what is most important.

5. LinkedIn Seeks Wider Use with the Ability to 'follow' (Chicago Tribune)

Could LinkedIn become the next Facebook?  Users will likely be spending more time on the site due to the recent launch of the 'follow' function. Read on to find out more on how you can be professional and get updates from your favorite celebs at the same time.


Stay tech savvy and enjoy your weekend!