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Friday Five 9/9-9/13

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday the 13th! Despite the date, it's been an ordinary morning at Walker Sands (knock on wood). Here are a few tech and PR articles to kick off the weekend.

iPhone 5C sales begin for Apple and allies – CNET

In case you missed the iPhone announcement earlier this week, here's a recap: Apple introduced two iPhones on Tuesday, the 5S and the 5C. The lower end 5C model won't arrive in stores until late September. The 5S (featuring a faster processor, fingerprint technology and an improved camera) is not available for preorder. The CNET article predicts the dual 5C/5S launch could be Apple's biggest yet.

Ketchum’s Putin Op-Ed Placement: 5WPR CEO Torossian Salutes Ketchum for Brilliant Russian PR Work  – Bulldog Reporter

Regardless of your feelings on Putin's NYT op-ed this week, the PR world was abuzz. 5WPR's CEO congratulated Ketchum for their work with the Russian government.

Ask The Headhunter: Users Sound Off on LinkedIn - PBS

Do you need LinkedIn premium? While it's tempting to pay $15.95 a month or more to see everyone who's viewed your profile, Nick Corcodilos of PBS' Ask the Headhunter argues that you don't, and that LinkedIn is preying on the unemployed.

Twitter Has Filed for its IPO - Business Intelligence

Fittingly enough, Twitter announced its IPO on its Twitter feed.

McDonald's is Testing Mobile Payments - Appnewser

McDonalds may soon join Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks in accepting mobile payments, and may be the first fast food company to fully embrace mobile.

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