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Friday Five 9/30-10/4

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! Lots going on this week in PR, marketing, and tech. Check out some of the highlights:

Journalism is Dead (To Me) – Huffington Post

You’ve probably seen it by now – the viral video in which Marina Shifrin quits her job via interpretive dance to Kanye’s “Gone.” The self-proclaimed journalist turned humorist has gained some serious popularity this week. This article, written by Marina herself, delves into her (slightly bitter) view on the fluffed up state of journalism. Journalists, take this as a reminder that there are far more important things happening in this world than Miley Cyrus twerking.

7 Social Media Tips You Can Learn from Richard Branson – Forbes

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has been getting a lot of attention lately – clearly, he’s doing something right. In a recent blog post, Branson outlined six tips for leveraging social media that can apply to any business. This article recaps Branson’s tips and adds one more, very compelling aspect: Do it yourself. Do you agree?

PR pro: Don’t call us marketers – PR Daily

Recently, Brian Kilgore wrote a piece for Huffington Post explaining his deep offense to being called a “marketer” instead of a “PR professional,” claiming the two are inherently different, and absolutely not interchangeable. This article rebuts Kilgore, saying to think that way shows a lack of understanding about how the marketing, advertising, social and PR industries function today, where all of these professions work seamlessly together in a coordinated approach. Who do you agree with?

2013 B2B Marketing Mix Survey Results – Sagefrog

Do you work in B2B marketing? The results of this survey from Sagefrog will be particularly interesting to you, as it provides a planning tool to help B2B marketing professionals optimize their ROI. For example, according to the results, digital marketing channels are becoming a top source of sales leads. Check this report out for more insights on the current state of B2B marketing.

The Current State of Web Retail – Website Magazine

E-commerce is changing every single day. In fact, it’s often difficult to keep up. Thankfully, this article outlines some of the most vital topics surrounding web retail, including internet tax legislation, overseas expansion, mobile mania, product listing ads and user experience. If you’re involved in the e-retail industry, this is definitely worth a read.

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