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Friday Five 9/23-9/27

Sarah Hale


Welcome to the weekend! (Well, almost). Here are a few stories you might have missed this week.

Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments - PopSci

Popular Science isn't the first major website to disable comments in the name of civility. Their announcement this week is startling nonetheless, as we've come to assume that every article must be accompanied by an open forum. PopSci's online content director cites "a politically motivated, decades-long war on expertise," spam and trolls as the publication's rationale.

Twitter will not alert users when disaster strikes - Fast Company

I'll admit it - every time I hear or see an old-fashioned emergency alert on the radio or TV, I laugh. Surely, there's a more effective way to reach the masses en masse. Enter Twitter's version of the emergency alert system, which may alert users via the mobile app and text message the next time disaster strikes.

Amazon Creates a Press Release in 14 Tweets - PRNewser

The average traditional press release is about a page. Amazon's latest, distributed via a series of 14 tweets, is less than 2,000 characters.

iPhone evolution video traces history up to 5S, 5C - CNET

The first iPhone debuted when boxy, bricklike phones were the norm. CNET's History of the iPhone video details the design and background of the device, including the 5s and 5c phones.

5 Breaking Bad Takeaways for PR Pros - PRDaily

We don't want to draw too many parallels between Walt's profession and ours, but there are a few takeaways for PR pros from Breaking Bad. Be careful whom you trust. Stick to your turf. Be prepared. Read more at PRDaily.

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