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Friday Five: 9/22-9/26

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

How to make your blog post Twitter-friendly -

Most marketers understand the value of social media and the importance of cross-channel content sharing, but many still don't know how to implement effective strategies. When creating a blog, there are many steps to consider including incorporating social-share plugins and click-to-tweet links. Beyond encouraging sharing, marketers must consider SEO tactics that optimize content and increase search rankings.


How Facebook is courting publishers - Digiday

Facebook news feed changes that continually feature publisher's stories make Facebook an important driver of referral traffic. This is due in large to Facebook's growing relationships with former journalists and media companies like Hearst. These growing relationships are, no doubt,  a way for Facebook to stay competitive with Twitter's real-time news format. So while publishers benefit from understanding Facebook's news feed, Facebook stays relevant and benefits from increased traffic to their social network.

Apple issues iOS 8 update after yesterday's mess - VentureBeat

Apple faced a lot of issues with their new iOS 8 updates this week. After updating to iOS 8.0.1, many iPhone users reportedly lost cell service and were unable to use their iPhone's Touch ID. The new iOS 8.0.2 update fixed all the bugs, and it seems like users can officially update their phones safely. We can all learn an important lesson from Apple, however. As exciting as change can be, before sending off any work, be sure it's error free.


Social Media Is A Game Changer for CIOs - The Huffington Post

Social media phenomenons like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge have promoted the importance of social networking. For one, social media can help marketers reach their ever-changing audiences across multiple platforms with multiple messages. Beyond this, however, social media's growing relevancy is due to the increasing need to be collaborative, innovative and free, especially in the digital age.

Why digital marketers should be excited about Apple Pay - Fortune

Apple's iPhone 6 release created an "instant audience" for Apple Pay, and digital marketers should pay attention. Not all phones have mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, but the payment solution draws attention to Android's Google Wallet and Apple's Passbook which can be used as loyalty cards for brands. While near-field communications technologies like Apply Pay account for only 2.5 percent of all mobile sales, that's more than $8 billion dollars of revenue a year. The age of smart-phones is upon us, and if digital marketers take advantage of Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Passbook, they can greatly increase their revenue.

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