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Friday Five: 9/21-9/25

Anna Shymanski


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news from the week!

What Does the Pope Think About Technology? #ItsComplicated - WIRED

Pope Francis has finally made his way to the United States, and Americans are celebrating over social media. Francis has made it a point to appeal to younger generations and, in doing so, is openly embracing technology (he regularly poses for selfies with younger crowd members). He still believes online communication is about display over connection but also recognizes its importance in today’s society.

RePhone Lets You Turn Anything Into a Phone - TechCrunch

Feeling inventive and creative? RePhone lets wannabe engineers everywhere create their own cell phone. The Kit Create ($49) comes with all of the necessary parts, including a SIM slot and an optional screen. The best part of all? It actually works. If you’re looking for your next DIY project, this might be the solution.

Uber launches new carpool service in China - CNN Money

The Uber feature we’ve all been waiting for is finally rolling out - in China. Using “uberCOMMUTE,” drivers log into Uber and see requests from riders going the same direction and how much they're willing to pay for the trip. If things match up, drivers and riders split the cost of the trip, making it cheaper on both ends.

Can Doctors Improve Patient Outcomes With Social Media? - Forbes

Brands understand that engaging with consumers over social media improves customer loyalty, but can doctors adopt the same method? The answer is yes. In an interview with Forbes, Dr. Kevin Campbell explains how reaching out to his patients via social media has improved his practice.

Spotify launches 'Mix Mates' playlist generator to help friends find common musical ground - VentureBeat

In love with One Direction but your significant other doesn’t feel the same way? There’s a Spotify feature for that. Their new web app, “Mix Mates,” creates a custom playlist based on you and a friend’s favorite artist. The app is designed for college students looking to foster new friendships, but it’s available to anyone.

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