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Friday Five: 9/2-9/5

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

4 tech innovations that are transforming marketing - Digiday

Technology is constantly evolving and impacting all industries. But there are four trends specifically transforming marketing. Streaming, social, programmatic and mobile are quickly changing the way marketers interact with their audiences. The way we use brands doesn't change with technology, however. Rather, it's how we discover and interact with them that's transformative.  Because of this, marketers must work smarter to ensure they're reaching and connecting with the right people at the right time.

LinkedIn Gives Users Access to Personal Data - PR Daily

In lieu of recent privacy concerns across social networks, LinkedIn is now offering three new tools to improve security. Now, users have access to more data, can remotely log in and out of their LinkedIn account and are given information about password changes for a more secure account. All of these changes will make LinkedIn safer and more transparent so users can enjoy online networking. This seems like a positive change for the platform. Hopefully we'll see other social networking sites follow suit.

Twitter May Be Moving Closer to Filtered Feeds, But Don't Freak Out Yet - Mashable

The Twitter newsfeed is known for its simple and chronological order, but recent interviews suggest that major Twitter changes could be  just around the corner. Both the CFO and CEO have alluded to algorithms that bring relevant or favorited content to the top of a feed to make a user's experience more engaging. These comments have gotten a lot of negative feedback, but Mashable says not to worry. If these changes are in Twitter's future, it doesn't seem like they're happening any time soon.

Apple Will Live Stream The iPhone Event on September 9 - Tech Crunch

Apple recently announced that they would live stream their upcoming product launch. While the live stream will be easiest to access from an Apple TV or Mac computer, other viewers can follow the announcement from the Apple blog. If the ability to live stream the event isn't exciting enough, Tech Crunch predicts that Apple will not only release two sizes of an iPhone 6, but an Apple wearable and a new iPad Air, among other products. Only time will tell, but if you're an Apple fan, it may be worth tuning in on Tuesday.

Home Depot's Massive Card Breach Is An Opening For PayPal, Apple, and Google - ReadWrite

The credit card swipe system is built around trust, but recent hacks have put the trust into question. Credit card companies recently started replacing swipe strips with chip cards to ensure security. Mobile wallets haven't taken off just yet,  but it looks like over the next couple of months, payment players like Apple, PayPal and Google will see major opportunities for growth.  So is the credit card truly an "endangered species?" I think there's still some time left, but it's interesting to see the ongoing changes in the payment space.

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