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Friday Five 9/16-9/20

Sarah Hale


TGIF! Here are a few tech/PR articles before your weekend starts.

The iPhone's New Design - The New Yorker

According to Apple, the changes included in iOS 7 weren't just aesthetic, they were to “establish hierarchy and order." Most apps complied and changed both their design and function. Reaction to the change has been mixed, but the New Yorker's tech blogger criticizes the system for remaining disconnected from the Internet at large.


The gender gap at tech publications - CNN's Heather Kelly

CNN tech writer and producer Heather Kelly tweeted a link to a Google doc she had put together charting the female:male ratio of the staff at a dozen tech pubs. The results were surprising: the average was 31 percent female, and some outlets (including AllThingsD and GigaOm) were nearly half female, half male.


Google may ditch 'cookies' as online ad tracker - USA Today

An anonymous ID that follows you around the web could soon replace third party tracking "cookies." The AdID would give consumers more control while simultaneously making it easier for advertisers and marketers to share information. Google's proposal has not yet been made public.

Coca-Cola Apologizes for Vitaminwater Bottle Cap That Read 'YOU RETARD' - AdWeek

PR blunder of the week: and found the text "you retard" under the cap. Emonton photographer Blake Loates discovered the cap and was outraged as her half-sister has cerebral palsy. Coca-Cola blamed the error on the language barrier, saying "retard" was missed since it's French for "late."

Most Overrated Jobs of 2013 - Career Cast

This article caused quite a bit of discussion: Career Cast rated PR the fourth most overrated job on its 2013 list. While the industry is over-represented in the media, (why is the protagonist in every rom-com a twentysomething Manhattanite working in PR or journalism?), I'm not sure that's reason to call it overrated.

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