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Friday Five: 8/8 – 8/12

Allison Raeck


Congratulations – you made it to Friday! Celebrate by catching up on the week’s tech trends.

More airline outages seen as carriers grapple with aging technology – Reuters

Technological disruptions grounded about 2,000 Delta flights this week. A small fire on Monday resulted in a "massive failure" at the airline's technology center, forcing Delta to cancel flights. The failure signaled a broader need for updated airline technology across the board. Though airlines have invested in modern features like automated check-in kiosks, real-time luggage tracking and mobile applications, most have avoided rebuilding their reservations systems from the ground up. Delta’s outage is expected to be a wakeup call for all airlines to invest in their core reservation technologies.

4K resolution rules TV screens but look, the emperor has no clothesForbes

With the 3D television craze nearing an end, 4K resolution is the next big thing. Netflix, Amazon and other content providers are getting on board, allowing users to stream their favorite shows in the ultra-clear resolution. But users are noting a slight issue – though 4K images are clearer, they look pretty much the same from where one would normally sit to watch TV. So unless you’re willing to move your couch a few feet away from the screen, the 4K binge-watching experience probably won’t feel so revolutionary.

Augmented reality games like Pokémon Go need a code of ethics – nowWIRED

In just a couple of months, Pokémon Go has completely changed the mobile gaming space. Many brands are expected to follow its lead into the augmented reality space, raising new questions about ethics and the rise of virtual reality. Though the game gets users to go outside and interact with one another, unfavorable outcomes like traffic jams and injuries have hit the news.  Amidst Pokémon Go’s technological revolution, users are vying for an industry-wide set of ethical standards for augmented reality games as their popularity soars.  

Wearable technology makes its way to Rio 2016 Olympics – iTechPost

Wearable gadgets are taking the Olympics by storm, from volleyball jump trackers to heads-up displays for cyclists. But technology in Rio is extending beyond the competition and into the finance realm. To test out a new wearable payment technology, Visa distributed its Visa Payment Ring to 300 athletes, another of its NFC-enabled accessories. The international event is proving to be an impactful promotional opportunity to test if the devices will catch on into the mainstream.

Takeover: A second robot-run hotel opens in Japan – CNET

One year after the first automated "weird hotel" opened in Nagasaki, its company plans to open a second automated hotel at Tokyo Disneyland Resort. The front desk staff is made up of two animatronic velociraptors, and automated bag-carrying bellhops take luggage to guests’ rooms. But behind the robot gimmick is a wealth of advanced technology, such as keyless face-recognition access to each room. Though complete automation isn’t expected to hit the hospitality industry just yet, hotels like this provide a glimpse at what we might expect for the future.

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