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Friday Five 8/5-8/9

Carly Garber


Happy Friday! Before you start your weekend, catch up on everything you’ve missed this week in the world of tech and public relations.

YouTube co-founders launch video app for iPhone – Mashable

While we were busy arguing about whether Vine or Instagram is better, YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen were working behind the scenes to shake up the tech world once again. On Thursday, the two unveiled MixBit, an iPhone app that lets you record, edit and share video clips. The key element that differentiates this video app from others is the ability to mix video clips from other users to create your own unique material.

5 ways young PR pros can advocate for themselves- PR Daily

A piece by our very own Christine Pietryla discusses how, although young PR pros have the energy and work ethic to push forward in the industry, many tend to lack the self-advocacy skills that will drive them to achieve both their professional and personal goals. Christine offers some insight into the best ways for young PR pros to advocate for themselves that will help lead to a successful career in the PR industry, including creating goals and benchmarks, as well as accepting mistakes and highlighting successes. This is sure to be a helpful piece for the class of interns finishing up their work at Walker Sands, and many other agencies for the summer.

The Washington Post to be sold to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon – The Washington Post

Without a doubt one of the most remarkable events this week, in the world of both PR and journalism, is the purchase of the Washington Post by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos. This event has sparked many criticisms and speculations as to where print content is headed and the influence of corporate companies owning newspapers. Now that the sale has been made, what's next? Our own Will Kruisbrink took a jab at what he thinks is most important about this change in ownership for the industry and how it might affect the future of The Washington Post.

7 reasons to network like a dog – Inc.

Ready to tackle the dog-eat-dog world of business? Kevin Daum of Inc. challenges readers, who he claims are “ready for real networking,” to step up to the plate and network, as he likes to put it, “like a Pitbull.” His suggestions include fearless ways for any PR professional to tackle a room full of strangers and turn it into a self-advocating experience. Again, I think this piece is perfect for the soon-to-be graduated class of Walker Sands interns, along with any PR pro looking to take networking events seriously.

Social networks are suffocating the internet as we know it – Fast Company

HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, discusses how social networks are killing the open web and what it means for the future of the user experience. Between monetizing content and controlling content, is the internet slowly being sabotaged for the sake of short-term profits? Will all of these restrictions prevent the tech world from reaching its full potential?

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