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Friday Five: 8/31-9/04

Anna Shymanski

Happy Friday! Heading into the long weekend, here’s a round-up of industry news for the week.

A new app that lets users friends 'virtually walk them home at night' is exploding in popularity - Business Insider

We all have that friend that forgets to text us when they get home from the bars at night. Thanks to a new app designed by five students from the University of Michigan, this will no longer be a problem. The new “Companion” app allows users to track their friends’ or family members’ journeys home at night. Originally intended to improve safety on college campuses, this app is now being used by tens of thousands of people all over the world in various situations.

Hipster Barbie Shows Us How Plastic We All Really Are On Social Media - TechCrunch

Barbie’s reputation just got a little faker. Socality Barbie is a new Instagram account designed to make fun of just how dramatically our culture portrays itself online. These shots include “Hipster Barbie” at the beach, in the woods and in several other Instagram-worthy locations. After all is said and done, though, at least Barbie owns her basic-ness.

Photo by @SocalityBarbie

Google Gets a Brand-New Logo - NBC News

Unable to recognize your Google tabs this week? You’re not the only one. On Tuesday, Google unveiled its new branding to reflect its partnership with new parent company Alphabet. Its simplicity is meant to represent “a more versatile company” overall.


Welcome back, college football: Top social moments from Thursday night - NCAA

Let the Twitter wars begin! Last night marked the start of the college football season, and Twitter users had quite a bit to say about it. No matter what team you root for, these tweets are something that every college football fan can appreciate.

Facebook Takes a Step Into Education Software - New York Times

Facebook has changed communication, and now the social network wants to make a similar impact on education. On Thursday, it announced it will partner with a local charter school network, Summit Public Schools, to develop software that helps students learn at their own pace. Though only 29 schools are using the software as of now, it will be exciting to see the impact it makes in the coming months.

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