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Friday Five: 8/3 – 8/7

Anna Shymanski

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

This is the Twitter data from last night’s GOP debate you are not supposed to pay attention to this morning - Washington Post

Do we even need further explanation after that very detailed headline? Despite Twitter’s repertoire for recording event happenings in real time, many suggest that debate tweets might not actually measure anything meaningful. Though tweet numbers might not match that of polls, Twitter still holds the insight of the everyday, unsolicited American who tuned into the debate, making it worthy of a glance or two.

The Days of Squinting at Laptops in the Sun Are Almost Over - WIRED

Summer is in full swing, but dim laptop screens make taking work outside nearly impossible. Though an official solution hasn’t been launched yet, several new forms of technology are in the works that will let us say “goodbye” to squinty eyes: displays that use a wider color gamut to boost contrast, slightly curved screens that eliminate side reflections and new anti-reflective screen coatings based on the properties of a moth’s eyes (say what?).


iOS 9 Will Know To Use Cell Data When The Wi-Fi Sucks - TechCrunch

We’ve all been there - our iPhone’s are detecting a Wi-Fi signal, but we’re unable to access our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps properly. We’re then forced to tap our fingers around a bit to un-select the Wi-Fi option, and ain’t nobody got time for that. Thankfully, the iOS update will sense our frustrations and switch to data for us. The update should be available to all iPhone users within a few days.

Yahoo Tweaks Email to Make Search More Personal - New York Times

Yahoo email users, your time has come. Over the next week, Yahoo will reveal the email transformation they’ve been working on for the past year, which includes a search option that makes it significantly easier to find that buried email you’ve been looking for for weeks. Though Yahoo’s new-and-improved search settings come long after Gmail’s, Gmail is still reportedly working on making improvements to its own platform too.

Here's the Incredible Social Buzz Arby's Has Created Around Jon Stewart's Departure - Adweek

As a former employee, I know that Arby’s is the fast-food joint that everyone loves to hate. During his Daily Show farewell last night, Arby’s thanked John Stewart for all his mockery of the chain over the years with a 60-second spot during the episode. As a result of their good humor, Arby’s brand perception boosted significantly: in the 13 hours following its airing, tweets about Arby's spiked 564 percent and were 3.6 times more positive than negative. In the words of Taylor Swift, haters will definitely hate, but we can’t deny that Arby’s curly fries are greater than great.