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Friday Five 8/26-8/30

Sarah Hale


It's Friday! Here's one last PR update before the long weekend.

Will Google Glass Ever Look Good? - Fast Company

As part-time Glass users, we have a pretty honest view of Glass and its benefits and shortcomings (namely, fashion). We'd gladly line up for a pair of Ray-Bans plus Glass, or the tortoiseshell pair modeled by Glass marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg.

10 ways to ensure a journalist will delete your emails - PR Daily

PLEASE READ this article before committing one of these PR sins and ensuring that your groundbreaking pitch will never be read (!!!!).

Why Hyperlocal Has (Mostly) Flopped - Fortune

When looking up news in your neighborhood, are you most likely to turn to Patch or Twitter? Is hyperlocal failing because of lack of ad revenue, lack of readership, or something else?

3D Faxing: The Natural Evolution of 3D Printing? - Mashable

The fax isn't dead - not if it can print three-dimensional shapes, at least. This week, AIO Robotics released digital renderings of a product that could someday transmit 3D printer plans and print the final product. The company is planning to begin crowdfunding the product on Kickstarter next week.

Lil Bub meets Grumpy Cat: The Internet can end now - TechHive

This article isn't entirely frivolous since, VMA news aside, it may be the most talked-about social news of the week. Bub, meet Grumpy!