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Friday Five: 8/25-8/29

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

iWatch Arrives? Apple Hits All Time High After Cryptic Event Reveal - Forbes

Apple has a way of captivating audiences with vague, yet exciting messages. The hype for new Apple products is at an all-time high since the company released a mysterious message alluding to the new-product launches. The announcement on September 9 is predicted to reveal two versions of the iPhone 6 as well as the highly-anticipated smart watch. Apple stocks rose after the announcement and are remaining above average. While Apple "can't say more" right now, the upcoming weeks should be an exciting time for the company.

Facebook's new click bait rule will totally blow you away(update) - Venture Beat

Facebook announced two new changes this week set to clean up the News feed. First, Facebook is cracking down on click bait posts that lack information as a way to entice readers to click. By analyzing engagement, Facebook will decipher what posts are click bait posts and rank them lower to make room for more informative content. Second, Facebook will now rank link-format posts higher than photos with links in the caption. Both changes are important for marketers hoping to make their way into the busy News feed. Moving forward, all posts should be informative and incorporate direct links.

 Newly Launched PayPal Alternative Visa Checkout Adds Nearly A Dozen More Partners - Tech Crunch

E-commerce is growing, digital technologies are evolving and the desire for a speedy and simple checkout becomes  more enticing every day. Visa's new Visa Checkout eliminates the need for busy shoppers to type in their credit card number upon every transaction, and will compete with other payment solutions like PayPal. As more companies implement one-touch payment methods, online and mobile shopping will become more efficient than ever. To stay competitive, e-commerce businesses must implement solutions that make the online shopping experience seamless.

Unstoppable: Ice Bucket Challenge Breaks $100 Million in Donations - Mashable

Never underestimate the power of a good grass-roots campaign. The ALS Association reported that the Ice Bucket Challenge surpassed their yearly-donation amount of $64 million in the short duration of the challenge. While the campaign has been criticized for wasting water and resulting injuries, the impact social media can have is astounding. Something that starts with three people has the potential to go viral with the help of social networks.

Why Digital Really Means Marketing - Forbes

We talk a lot about how technology is quickly changing the landscape for public relations and marketing, especially at Walker Sands, where all of our efforts are integrated. It's only appropriate that positions like Chief Digital Officer are becoming more and more common. As technology evolves, business decisions are driven by data. Strategies may change with trends like SEO, social media and social listening, but basic fundamentals are still at the core of a strong marketing strategy.

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