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Friday Five 8/19-8/23

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! Lots going on this week in PR, marketing, and tech. Check out some of the highlights:

CMO and CIO silos are threatening effectiveness of marketing – MarketingWeek

This topic just won’t go away, and there’s a reason for it. Businesses are highly underestimating the link between chief marketing officers and chief information officers when it comes to success. Perhaps these companies will start considering the seriousness of this issue after reading this report from Accenture, which found that a lack of collaboration between CMOs and CIOs in hindering companies’ ability to produce effective multichannel marketing. This article includes some of the report’s key findings and offers insight about what this means for the future of marketing.

Is calling an editor really that bad? – PR Daily

At Walker Sands, we believe making calls to reporters and editors is a huge part of successful PR. So why do some people consider calling an editor one of the “biggest PR mistakes ever?”  This article goes into the reasons calling an editor is acceptable, and the common courtesies that ought to be taken if you choose to do so. Remember- editors are busy, but if you’re sure you have a perfect pitch for them, a phone call might be the only way to make it happen.

Why You Need to Brag More (And How to Do It) – Forbes

No, don’t go around pulling a “Penelope” from SNL by one-upping everyone you speak to. But, according to this article in Forbes, you should definitely talk yourself up for a job well done.  Apparently women are far less likely to take credit for their work, especially in a male-dominated workplace. The study cited in this article points to the “Imposter Syndrome,” where high-achieving people don’t feel they deserve the success they’ve earned. This article outlines some ways to make sure credit is given to you and how you can easily take credit yourself—so start bragging!

Is a degree in public relations necessary for success? – PR Daily

Do you work in PR? Did you have a formal education in it? In PR, this is a widely-debated topic. Many believe it’s a “learn as you go” field, while others believe formal training gives you the foundation necessary for success. This article goes into the reasons why one should receive a degree in public relations. The question is- do you agree?

Digital Media: Counting the Change – The Economist

You know an article is going to be good when it compares the Internet to “Sharknado.” Yes, the Internet has seemingly ripped apart the media business, but not all hope is lost. This article explains how digital sources are now repairing some of the damage media companies felt with the growth of the Internet. With smartphones, tablets, and laptops within an arms-reach 24 hours a day, we’re far more willing to pay for content we can carry around with us all day. After years of wreaking havoc, the Internet is finally helping the media industry grow.

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