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Friday Five: 8/17-8/21

Katie Beyer

It’s warm outside and the sun is shining—here’s this week’s tech and PR roundup

Spotify Clarifies Exactly How it Will Use Your Information After Privacy Kerfuffle – Gizmodo

SORRY! Say it with a blog post, Spotify. Last week, the music streaming giant tried to incorporate creeping into their new privacy policy update. As in, they tried to ask permission to do everything from tracking your location to peaking at your photos. Spotify chieftain Daniel Elk apologized in his blog post, titled “SORRY!”, saying they should have done a better job communicating that they didn’t actually want to creep on your #tbts and find out where you’re having dinner. Many of the new features are opt in, and any of them you don’t like, you can easily opt out of—just like most normal apps. TLDR: don’t freak out, they are sorry and promise not to do it again.

Samsung to let iPhone users try their phones for $1 – USA Today

I got a dolla, I got a dolla. Samsung is luring iPhone users in by putting a $1 price tag on a new one month trial service where iPhone users can swap out their phones for the Galaxy smartphone. This one- of-a-kind test drive period includes the borrowing of the device, an activated SIM card and guide on how to use the phone. Why are they doing this, you ask? They’re lagging in the race to the best smartphone, behind the iPhone and Xiaomi, of course.

Google Photos Update Adds 'Rediscover This Day' Nostalgia Feature – NDTV

Looks like Google wanted in on Facebook and Timehop’s nostalgia game. So that means all your selfies and 80 pictures of the family pet you took on this day the year prior will never be forgotten. The feature hasn’t hit Android devices yet but is live on the Web and iOS. Just like Spotify’s new update, the feature is opt-in, and the photos and collages remain private to users until they decide to share them. As always, Google is trying to make our lives easier and this is a step in the right direction, right? Right.

Tile can now help find your phone, even if it’s on silent – Digital Trends

It’s under the covers, of course. The days of searching for your phone incessantly after you ‘just had it in your hand’ have come to a close. Tile is adding to their dedication of helping you find your lost keys and is upping the ante to make sure you never lose your beloved smartphone again.  If your phone goes MIA, you can press a button and your device will ring, even if you likely left it on silent. The device is $25 and clips onto your key ring, so here’s to hoping we don’t simultaneously lose our phones and keys.  #blessed

Alphabet/Google has given birth to a healthcare tech company – LA Times

Goo…errr Alphabet, keeps it rolling. The newly branded Google company, Alphabet, has given birth to a Life Sciences division. Alphabet’s president, Sergey Brin said in a blog post yesterday, “They’ll continue to work with other life sciences companies to move new technologies from early stage R&D to clinical testing—and, hopefully—transform the way we detect, prevent and manage disease.” Watch out for this group to solve things like preventing disease and possibly halting aging, as well.

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