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Friday Five 8/12-8/16

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! Before you start your weekend, catch up on everything you’ve missed this week in the world of tech and public relations.

Facebook is bad for you – The Economist

Is Facebook a social network built on interaction, or a breeding ground for jealousy, social isolation and even depression? A study of 82 volunteers found that the more a volunteer used Facebook, the worse he/she reported feeling. By contrast, the more volunteers socialized in the real world, the more positive they felt.

The Listicle Era is (Sadly?) Here to Stay - Digiday

...and so is Friday Five! Lists are an attention-grabbing format (you're still reading, after all!) but are more than a passing fad aimed at millennials with short attention spans. Older audiences may be uncomfortable with bulleted information, but mobile users find lists digestible and a way to fill short blocks of time.

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Apologizes For Brutally Firing Employee During Patch All-Hands Call – TechCrunch

After Patch creative director Abel Lenz was fired in a very public way last week, CEO Tim Armstrong apologized to Lenz and to all staffers for doing so. But is it enough? At a basic level, the employee remains fired - check out the full email and see if you think Armstrong is sincere or just covering his tracks.

Samsung Said to Unveil Wristwatch-Like Smartphone Next Month – Bloomberg

After experiencing life #throughglass, we're excited to see any wearable technology take off. Rumor has it that Samsung will be introducing a wristwatch-like smartphone called the Galaxy Gear. Since iPod users have long since stopped wearing the Nano as a watch, will the Gear fare differently?

Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org announces paid internship – Washington Post

Sheryl Sandberg's lean in philosophy encourages women to demand more responsibility at work and demand more money for it. Imagine our suprise when her Lean In Foundation posted an unpaid internship opportunity to Facebook after Sandberg herself received $91 million from the sale of stock. has quickly changed course and promised that the position will indeed be paid.

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