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Friday Five 7/29-8/2

Sarah Hale


TGIF! Before the weekend begins, check out what you may have missed in the tech and public relations worlds this week.

O.K., Glass - The New Yorker

Ever wonder what it's like wearing Google Glass? Walker Sands employees have used Mike Santoro's pair of Glass on and off for the past couple of weeks, but it was interesting to read another perspective and learn what the Glass experience is like on the streets of New York. In typical New Yorker fashion, the article's a bit long, but worth a read.

Your Smart TV Could Be Hacked to Spy on You - Mashable

Still wary since the NSA scandal, consumers are becoming more aware of the privacy implications of using Internet connected devices. Hackers at the Black Hat conference discovered a way to hack into smart TVs, gaining control of your remote and associated social media accounts. For consumers worried about cyberattacks, there's a simple solution: disconnect the WiFi or Ethernet cable.

How not to write a blog post - PR Daily

After writing for the Walker Sands blog for a few months, my eye is drawn to any article on blog best practices. In this article, Jeff Havens offers some solid recommendations: use paragraphs, don't be overly salesy and focus on the reader's needs.

The Biggest Mistakes 20-Something Job Seekers Make - Forbes

We've written before about the right and wrong ways  to land a job. Under-utilizing your network or failing to create one is a classic mistake, but so is writing a self-centered resume or failing to consider an employer's needs by acting entitled. Job seekers should consider the employer first and themselves second throughout the job search process.

The De-newspaperization of America - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Help, I'm Amanda Berry." In a city without newspapers, would those words mean anything to a would-be rescuer? What will cities like Cleveland and all of America look like without newspapers?

Have you read any interesting articles lately? Share yours below or let us know on Twitter @WalkerSands