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Friday Five: 7/28-8/1

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

The Future of Shopping: When Apps Shop With - or for - You - Read Write

We're all accustomed to e-commerce. But what happens when your favorite brands stop waiting for you to come to them, and proactively come to you instead? Companies like eBay are doing just that with interactive pop-up shops that are both digital screens and e-commerce apps. eBay's apps, along with other retailer's interactive apps are impacting the way we think about e-commerce.  For eBay, these apps are about the experience, not the sale.

Facebook's app Brings Free Mobile Internet to Zambia - Mashable

In an effort to better connect two-thirds of world who aren't online, Facebook's non-profit, is bringing free data to parts of Zambia. Users of can access various services like health and employment while connecting to Facebook apps. This is a great opportunity for people to have access to service they otherwise wouldn't have.

Twitter's Mobile Acquisition Strategy Pays Off - Venture Beat

Since 2013, Twitter has bought 13 companies, and it looks like these acquisitions are paying off. In their recent Q2 report, Twitter announced that revenue is increasing by 124 percent year-over-year, much of the revenue derived by ad sales. Mobile is also playing a major role in Twitter's revenue boom. In order to stay competitive, however, Twitter must look at data to keep users engaged.

Content Marketing Personalization: When and How to Use It - Content Marketing Institute

95 percent of business-to-business organization try to segment their content based on audience, but personalization in content marketing is difficult. There are many ways marketers can maximize their content marketing efforts. For example, marketers who curate more content than they create allows marketers to send out more relevant information to their targets. Successfully implementing content marketing strategies can vastly improve personalization efforts.

Pinning for PR: 3 Successful Pinterest Campaigns -

Content might be king, but social media users continuously respond positively to picture sharing. That's why a strategic Pinterest campaign can improve your public relations efforts. With new features like Guided Search and Interests, marketers have more of an opportunity to reach their growing Pinterest audience. See how companies like Walmart and Caribou Coffee created great campaigns using Pinterest.

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