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Friday Five: 7/25 – 7/29

Kelsey Cheng


Happy Friday! Before you head to Lollapalooza (or avoid the crowds), catch up on this week’s round of tech news.

Uber co-founder launches new real estate venture for Expa called Haus - TechCrunch

Uber co-founder, Garrett Camp, is trying his luck in the real estate business. The tech entrepreneur is making strives to digitize the real estate business. While other startups exist to search for properties, Haus focuses on allowing the buyers and brokers to communicate and make offers on a seller’s listing. This idea modernizes an out-of-date industry. Many real estate brokers are still using legacy options and communicating via fax. Haus hopes to open the doors to more transparency in the business.

Oracle acquires NetSuite for $9.3 billion as cloud computing war heats up - The Street

The rumors are true. After lots of speculation, Oracle sealed the deal and offered NetSuite $9.3 billion cash for their cloud enterprise. Recently, Oracle has been acquiring smaller tech companies, in an effort many say to compete with Salesforce’s CRM. NetSuite has been a leader in providing cloud services to SMBS, while Oracle is top-dog among large enterprises.

Here’s what we know about Russia and the DNC hack - Wired

While news of the DNC email being hacked happened a little while ago, Wikileaks kept things interesting this week by releasing more emails right before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Cybersecurity experts believe the attack was done by Russian hackers but some opinions say otherwise. An attack like this showcases the politics of the internet and how cybersecurity is becoming a more pressing issue for whoever enters the Oval Office this November.

How Ford and MIT's electric shuttle experiment could improve ride-hailing - Fortune

Uber on campus? Ford and MIT have been working together to develop an electric vehicle fleet for MIT students and faculty to use. It’s an upgrade to the campus shuttles and vans many universities have, but the research is also looking into developing predictive algorithms that would improve ride-hailing. MIT is not the lone wolf in this project; they are part of the Ford initiative that has partners at 30 colleges and universities. The technology developed would eventually be used for commercial on-demand and ride-hailing services.

Amazon beats expectations with $857 million in profit spurred by Prime and AWS - Venture Beat

Q2 brought favorable stock outcomes for Amazon. This quarter, Amazon launched a new AWS Region and hosted its second annual Prime Day. During Prime Day, orders grew by 60 percent. As Amazon continues to grow, their product offerings are becoming more robust and widespread. Alexa now has 1,900 skills and 150 brands are available through the Amazon Dash Button. Even with all the bells and whistles, Amazon Prime and AWS bring in the most revenue for the Seattle-based company.