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Friday Five 7/22-7/26

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! We’ve pulled together some great picks for this week’s top industry articles.

Do-It-Yourself Checkout: Love It or Hate It, Barcode Scanning Is In Your Future – TIME

Do you hate waiting in long lines and wish you could checkout with your smartphone? Or do you not trust your smartphone’s ever-failing scanning feature and think the personal interaction of checking out with a cashier is better? It’s true –  self-checkout technologies have their benefits and drawbacks, but in the end it’s up to the retailer to decide whether it’s right for their customers.

Sensible PR lessons from 3 nonsense comedies – PR Daily

Apparently Jim Carrey’s character, Lloyd, from “Dumb and Dumber” knew a thing or two about how to succeed in PR. So did Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy” and Will Ferrell in “Talladega Nights.” For example, in PR, you’ll hear no a lot, but you have to remember Lloyd’s rule: even if it’s a million-to-one chance, at least there is a chance. Check out the other lessons to be learned from these goofy characters in this article from PR Daily.

Stop! Don’t Send That Resume! – LinkedIn

Whether you’re in the job market or not, there are some things you need to remember about the “black hole” that is the pile of resumes on every HR director’s desk. Chances are someday you’ll need to know how to beat the system. This article gives a realistic view of how likely it is that your resume will be seen and how to ensure that—against all odds—it reaches the top of the pile.

Pinterest Adds Support For “Do Not Track” As It Begins To Personalize Its Service For Users – TechCrunch

For those of you who love your privacy, start spending more time on Pinterest. Until Pinterest announced that its adding support for “Do Not Track” today, Twitter was the only social network that had committed to supporting the mechanism, which allows users to opt-out of having their personal data and activity collected by websites and third parties. So go ahead and pin in private!

Print Dead At 1,803 – The Onion

The Onion strikes again with this blunt (albeit hilarious) commentary on the life and death of print. As PR professionals and journalists, we’ve seen it through its darkest days, but let me take this moment to remind everyone—print is not dead and (hopefully) it will continue to live a very long life. It’s our job to make sure it continues to prosper.

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