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Friday Five 7/15-7/19

Sarah Hale

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Happy Friday, Footprints followers! It was a controversial week in the public relations industry, not because of any internal debate but rather because of the number of companies who came under fire for controversial actions. What’s to be done? Read on and find out!

McDonald's finance guide 'insulting' to low-wage workers - NBC News

McDonald’s rolled out an internal, employee-focused personal finance tracking software with more than its share of glitches. The budgeting tool estimated rent at a mere $600 and didn’t budget for food or gas. McDonald’s defends its decision, saying the approach was not meant to be one-size-fits all, but critics have attacked the budget tracker for ignoring the realities of the typical minimum-wage fast food worker.

Boston magazine runs bloody bomber photos in response to Rolling Stone – PRDaily

If you didn’t know it, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could be mistaken for the latest teen idol – or so say the critics who objected to the accused terrorist’s photo on the cover of Rolling Stone. Retailers nationwide, including Walgreens and CVS, are refusing to carry the issue, while Boston magazine published never-before-seen photos of the bloodied bomber in response.

Meet EyeEm, Instagram's Chic Cousin – Forbes

Instagram is a staple for #richkids, celebrities and everyday users alike. Always on the lookout for the next big thing, we were excited to hear about EyeEm, a way of categorizing images that can be lost amongst Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, depending on which platform someone uses. EyeEm uses crowdsourcing to compile images, creating a sort of visual search engine with a map feature.

What CMOs Should Learn from Technologists - AdAge

CMOs are overwhelmed, and understandably so: they suddenly have access to big data, but don’t always have the resources to use it effectively. To cope, they should focus on bringing ideas to fruition quickly, focus on win-win situations as the outcome for collaboration, and always be learning.

Google Maps Takes You Inside NYC Restaurants – Mashable

New York City is home to more than 25,000 restaurants, and Google wants to help show you around. The new Google Maps will now include interior photos of more than 150 restaurants out of the over 250 participating in New York restaurant week. The revamped maps also includes Zagat ratings, enhanced navigation and user reviews.

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