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Friday Five: 7/11 – 7/15

McKenzie Cooper


Happy Friday! Before you kick off your weekend, check out some of the top tech stories from this week:

Make Way For Uber-Trucking With Smart Trucking Apps - Forbes

Uber-like apps for trucking companies are now underway. These smart trucking apps will provide trucking companies a more efficient way of doing business. For instance, these apps are looking into providing all-in-one solutions that include fast and automated load matching based on location and equipment, turn-by-turn route planning and shipment tracking, algorithm-based instant pricing and seamless proof-of-delivery, billing and payment. Apps like these will eliminate the countless hours truckers often spend trying to find loads by calling freight brokers and checking load boards.

Twitter Signs a Live-Streaming Deal to Bring Pac-12 University Sports to its Service - TechCrunch

Live streaming is becoming such a big deal that if you don’t participate, you're most likely missing out. In pursuit of winning over the live streaming market, Twitter has signed a deal to deliver Pac-12 university sporting events during the 2016-2017 season. But that's not it -- other live streaming deals include NFL Thursday night football, along with securing a deal with Bloomberg to stream financial news.

Why You Need to Get on Board With Pokemon Go - Inc.

Everyone knows there's nothing better than reliving the fun times of your childhood! This is what literally made the new Pokemon Go app an overnight sensation. With 15 million downloads in a week and gaining more daily users than Twitter, it’s essential that businesses capitalize on this opportunity to target Millennials. Whenever a Pokemon is found in their business, companies are advertising on social media in hopes of gaining new customers.

Facebook Accused in $1 Billion Suit of Being Hamas Tool - Bloomberg

The families of the four killed and one wounded in terror attacks in Israel and the West Bank have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against Facebook.The lawsuit alleges that Facebook "knowingly provided material support and resources to Hamas in the form of Facebook’s online social network platform and communication services." In response, Facebook immediately declined to comment on the lawsuit but said, “There is no place for content encouraging violence, direct threats, terrorism or hate speech on Facebook.”

ATMs Spit Out Cash Without Cards as Smartphone Apps Take Over - Bloomberg

There’s seemingly no reason to continue carrying ATM bank cards. ATMs will soon start dispensing cash with just your smartphone and mobile banking app. Currently, a few banks have started testing a new system that allows customers to arrange a cash withdrawal through the mobile banking app and pick up the cash in person with just a verification code or the scan of their smartphone. Banks are advancing the mobile banking options in hopes of eliminating the fear that consumers have regarding theft and fraud.