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Friday Five: 7/06-7/10

Anna Shymanski

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week.

USWNT players share their World Cup celebration on social media – Yahoo! Sports

Anything boys can do, girls can do, too! Unless you were hiding under a rock last weekend, you know that U.S. women’s soccer team won the 2015 Women’s World Cup on Sunday in Vancouver. A plethora of celebratory photos and videos came after via the players’ various social media accounts. You can also view the tournament’s full social media stats here.

We tried the 'Keurig for Cocktails' — and the robot bartender was surprisingly good – Business Insider

Walker Sands may have just gotten a “kegerator,” but will this new invention be next? Bartesian, aka the “Keurig for Cocktails” is now raising funds on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects. Using pods similar to that of a Keurig, drink lovers can make a variety of cocktails ranging from Sex on the Beach to a classic margarita. The actual alcohol must be provided by the user, but that’s a small price to pay for a having a robotic bartender in your kitchen.


Photo Source: Business Insider

Likes Aren’t Enough. Now Facebook Pages Need You To Add Them To “See First” – TechCrunch

Want to see what Taylor Swift is up to before all of the other celebrities you stalk? With Facebook’s new “See First” feature, you can do just that. United States FB users can now go to Pages, friends or public figures’ profiles and add them to their See First list, and all of their posts will appear at the top of a user’s News Feed with a blue star.

Unhappy at work? Swipe right to tell the boss – Fast Company

Like Walker Sands, creative projects company Bunny Inc. understands the importance of employee engagement. To keep their team happy, Bunny Inc. relies on an app called Niko Niko, which lets employees swipe across their smartphone screens to express overall moods at work or answer more specific survey questions. The app even comes with a touch-and-drag “happiness meter,” which lets employees indicate how they’re feeling about managers, office cleanliness and more.

With CarPlay, Apple Looks to Upend Tradition – New York Times

We all saw it coming, but the time is finally here – Apple’s new CarPlay technology will make its debut this summer in Hyundai and Chevrolet automobiles. The new service comes with iPhone-based music, maps, messages and even Siri’s voice commands. Because CarPlay cannot control standard car functions, Apple hopes this will encourage auto brands to design their own apps to fit the new technology, not the other way around.

apple cal

Photo Source: Fast Company

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