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Friday Five: 6/9 – 6/13

Theresa Ianni


Happy Friday! Here's the industry news you may have missed this week.

Time Inc. Has a Big Problem—So Does Digital Journalism - The Atlantic

Evolving technologies are causing more and more advertising budgets to be shifted from print to online and TV. This is blessing for digital journalism as a product, but a curse for digital journalism as a business. While it seems like going digital is the best option for large media companies, the transition actually benefits social media companies who can scale their audiences and target accordingly.


Facebook will serve you ads based on more of your web browsing history.Here's how you can opt out - The Next Web

Say goodbye to privacy! In an effort to ramp up ad sales, Facebook is now using browsing history to target ads. This feature also enables users to customize their ads based on interest. However, in an effort to appease skeptics, users can opt out of allowing Facebook to use browsing history. Of course, this won't stop the ads, but it will give users more control.

Take Your Best Shot at Newsjacking the World Cup - PR News

For this year's World Cup, social networks play a huge role in covering the event. This poses great opportunities for brands to get involved in the conversation to share their message. But,  before companies newsjack the World Cup, they should make sure there's a purpose behind the action. Happy newsjacking!

Apple's Ambition Extends Well Beyond The iPhone - As in, to Your Entire Life

For Apple users everywhere, the future may mean going beyond the iPhone and grappling with your "iLifestyle." At WWDC this past weekend, Apple dropped hints of the "iLifestyle," which includes a smart house, healthcare innovations, an innovative predictiction system that will figure out what we need before we know it and more!


Paper Battery takes $3M to push 'ultracapacitor' alternative to lithium-ion batteries - Venture Beat

If you've ever spent time scrolling through Google news or your Facebook timeline on your mobile phone,  then you know the struggles of conserving battery life. Troy, a  Paper Battery Company, is developing a new ultracapacitor to improve battery life, thermal efficiency and the overall effectiveness of phones, tablets and other battery-powered electronics.

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