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Friday Five: 6/8 – 6/12

Anna Shymanski

Happy Friday! Here’s a round-up of industry news for the week.

Twitter CEO shakeup: Costolo out, Dorsey in – CNET

Out with the old, in with the new – Twitter’s former CEO Dick Costolo has been replaced with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as the interim. Though many encouraged Costolo to step down for his “poor” performance, other argue that he still deserves some serious credit: the former CEO grew Twitter from a company valued at $3 billion to one valued at $23 billion. So, what’s the plan post-interim? It seems Snoop Dog has the solution.

“Free” Shows Which Friends Are Available To Hang Out - TechCrunch

Photo: TechCrunch


If you thought the “Find my Friends” app was a bit excessive, wait until you hear about “Free,” a new app released on iOS yesterday. Appropriately, “Free” helps users find out which friends are, well, free. It allows users to either announce plans or that you’re available to hang, making it an easy way to avoid the uncomfortable “Hey… What are you doing tonight?” Because really, who needs simple communication skills?

Exclusive: BlackBerry may put Android system on new device: sources – Reuters

BlackBerry is finally ready to get in the smartphone game – with Android, that is. The cell phone company is reportedly considering equipping a new smartphone using Google’s Android software after its revamped line failed to win over the masses. While the new smartphone is just a rumor for now, BlackBerry could be on the short road to admitting defeat.

No, Apple’s music streaming app looks nothing like beats – WIRED

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the tech giant introduced the newest member of the Apple family: Apple Music. The new app is reportedly a mixture of Beats and iTunes. Some believe Apple Music will have a natural advantage over its competitors, as it will come automatically with the iOS 9 update.

Pizza Hut's new pizza box does what?! – CNBC

pizza hut
Photo: CNBC


Pizza is the new popcorn – Pizza Hut customers can now pop a projector lens into the pizza brand’s new box and play movies using their smartphones. The tech-friendly boxes will only be available in Hong Kong at first, but we can only hope they’ll follow the hot dog crust’s footsteps and make their way to the United States.