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Friday Five: 5/30 – 6/3

Taylor Neuffer


Instagram officially announces its new business tools – TechCrunch

Instagram announced the launch of its tools for businesses. This will include new business profiles, analytics and the functionality to turn Instagram posts into ads within the app itself. With this new Instagram feature, businesses will be able to track which posts are performing the best as well as information on their audience’s demographics. Other features include top posts, reach, impressions and engagement.

Snapchat has more active daily users than Twitter – CNET

About 150 million people are using Snapchat each day, making it more popular than Twitter. Twitter has a little less than 140 million daily users. Snapchat has grown significantly in the past few months. Since December, Snapchat has increased by approximately 40 million users, gaining most of their traction among younger demographics.

Let it beep: Google’s self-driving cars may now honk, hum, and ‘pip’ – TechCrunch

Google has announced a new update to its self-driving cars. Google has been testing a horn application, which is meant to alert other drivers of the car’s presence. The cars will be using the horn in two ways: if there is clear danger, such as a car drifting into its lane going the other direction, a traditional horn blast will go off. A quieter “pips” will go off if when, for example, someone is obliviously backing up toward the car in a parking lot. The autonomous cars will also now give off a humming noise designed to make pedestrians, those with sight impairment especially, aware of the car.

Google wants to help you find your lost phone – CNN

Google now has a “find my phone” feature. After noticing that users regularly search for the phrase "I lost my phone," Google's search team decided to develop this feature. For users searching for this phrase, Google will now direct them to a “Find My Phone” page. This page will show how owners of a lost device can text or call their phone or tablet, disable their Google accounts and see it on a map. There are also links to where owners can find the nearest Lost and Found office.

Tile raises $18 million to make personal belongings easy to find –  TechCrunch

Tired of losing your TV remote, keys or wallet? A startup called Tile is continuing to grow as it's helping people find their lost items. Tile allows users to put small, waterproof tile rings on easily lost items. Just as you would call a phone, ringed items can be alerted through their Tile app if it's within a 100-foot bluetooth range. At the push of a button, the tile plays a loud tune so you can find it. This startup has raised $18 million in a Series B funding round. Tile had $43 million in sales last year and is on track to double their revenue in 2016. Board member Byron Deeter believes that Tile could be the “location aware” software that will be integrated into a wide range of consumer electronics such as headphones, e-readers and all sorts of wearable tech.