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Friday Five 4/7-4/11

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week:

Content Marketing is 88 Percent Less Effective Than Public Relations – Chad Pollitt, LinkedIn

A new study by Nielsen shows that expert content—credible, third-party articles (earned media)—is the most effective source of information in impacting consumers along all stages of the purchase process. More specifically, when measured against owned media (branded content) it showed that earned media is more effective across all stages of the purchase process. Check out some of the key findings outlined here!

Heartbleed Flaw Could Reach to Digital Devices, Experts Say – The New York Times

You’ve likely heard about the Heartbleed threat by now, which has exposed millions of passwords, credit cards and other sensitive personal information. This attack went undetected for almost two years, creating an opening in OpenSSL, the most common encryption technology on the Internet. But apparently the Heartbleed flaw could go beyond websites to all digital devices connected to the Internet. Check out some of the devices affected in this New York Times article – could this mean another con for IoT?

How iBeacon and Similar Technology Will Change Retail – eMarketer

iBeacon is awesome – I love the idea of having special offers pushed through to my mobile phone at a retailer based on what I’m near. Say I’m standing at my grocers and trying to decide which deli meat I want to try – if I had a coupon pushed to me, I’d probably be more likely to try that. Read this interview with David Edelman of McKinsey and Company for some insight on how iBeacon and other technologies are shaping the future of retail.

This “Airbnb For Skills” Will Liberate You From Your 9 To 5 – Fast Company

Apparently about 42 million Americans are freelancing these days – more than ever before. It’s grown so much that entrepreneur Ryan Hooks believes people will be able to freelance based on their skills, no longer necessitating 9-5 jobs. He created a new site called Avbl to help prompt his dream and free people from their regular jobs. Will this take off like Airbnb?

Calling a journalist? Avoid Making Crucial Mistakes. – PR Daily

Calling a journalist is definitely scary sometimes as a PR pro. We’re given so much information about the hundreds of things you should do when you call reporters that it sometimes results in information overload and makes your call come up flat. This article neatly outlines what you should avoid when calling reporters. Keeping these ideas in the back of your mind during your next call could be incredibly useful.

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