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Friday Five: 4/20-4/25

Jeff Stehlin

Hey you! Yeah You! You’ve made it to Friday, so reward yourself by reading up on some of this week’s best tech news.

Facebook Opens Branded Video Program on YouTube’s Anniversary: AdAge

This week marked the 10th anniversary of YouTube’s first video upload. The channel has historically dominated the video sharing market, but YouTube may no longer be able to have its cake and eat it, too. That is, since Facebook invited itself to the birthday party. Facebook is launching its own branded-video program, Anthology, and is already in talks with producers like Funny or Die and Vice. To made videos, Anthology users will collaborate with production companies, producers and Facebook’s own in-house agency, Creative Shop. Why? So they can gain access to Facebook’s powerful database and its mass of user information. Facebook wants to capitalize on its four billion daily video views and hopes that YouTube’s birthday wish does not come true.

Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Update Could Impact Over 40% of Fortune 500 Websites: TechCrunch

Following the growth of mobile usage, Google has reformatted its algorithms to factor in a website’s ‘mobile friendliness’. Layman’s terms—websites need to be easy for users to use on smartphones, or they’ll drop in Google search rankings. Perhaps even to page two. The announcement isn’t particularly surprising, but business will no longer be able to avoid updating their websites for features like digital zoom and spacing. It’s time to optimize.

New Graphene Technology May Pave Way for 3D Holographic Display You See in ‘Star Wars’: Tech Times

If you’ve never heard of graphene take note, because the hexagonal structure is creating big ripples throughout the tech world. Researchers from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia have developed graphene-based 3D holographic displays. Although graphene has usages in others fields, such as mobile, wearables, computing and printing, many are most excited about the potential for recreating hologram interactions (like those in Star Wars and Avatar). You’re probably not as excited as Matthew McConaughey, but that’s alright, alright, alright.

Microsoft is Bringing Back Solitaire for Windows 10: Business Insider

Tired of playing Mahjong? Good news, Windows 10, Microsoft’s most recent upgrade, is bringing back Solitaire. Microsoft is also reviving its Start Menu in an attempt to remain competitive within the world of mainstream operating systems. Windows is not like a regular operating system. It’s a cool operating system. And it’s trying really hard to convince users why.

Everything to Know About Google’s New Wireless Service: TIME

Tired of your cellphone’s service provider? Good news—Google is expanding to become a wireless carrier. Google’s new cell phone service, called Project Fi, will offer voice, text and Internet at a lower price than some existing providers. The service will be a blend of regular cellphone and wireless coverage (hence Fi), and, as an added bonus, every 100MB of unused data will be a $1 credit toward a user’s next bill. In line with Google’s imminent global takeover, Fi could force other carriers to develop more competitive and affordable plans. Fi likely will push more users onto Google’s search platform, too. For now though, only Android‘s Nexus 6 is compatible with Fi. Google strikes again.

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