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Friday Five 4/14 – 4/18

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! Check out the PR, tech and social news you may have missed before starting your weekend:

You Can Now Try Google Glass at Home Before You Buy It - Mashable

If you missed your chance to get a Google Glass invite from us, Google is now giving wearable tech enthusiasts the chance to try before they buy.

Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune / July 2013

6 Keys to Developing Millennials Into Managers - Entrepreneur

Ignore what all of those millennial trend pieces are telling you - we're born leaders. We're coachable, not arrogant or entitled. Check out more tips for managing millennials from Entrepreneur.

LinkedIn surpasses 300M members, announces its “mobile moment” - Gigaom

LinkedIn just surpassed 300 million members, with 100 million of those members based in the United States. Check out Christine Pietryla's tips on making the most of LinkedIn in light of this milestone.

Six Reasons VCs Won't Back Your Deal - Forbes

If you're all ideas, that could actually be a bad thing if you're looking for VC funding. Read up on some of the common objectives toward those who can't seem to get funded.

What the '90s taught us about PR - PRDaily

What can PR pros learn from O.J. Simpson and the Olsen twins alike? For starters, don't forget to give your brand a face or ignore public opinion.

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