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Friday Five: 3/27-3/31

Taylor Carr


TGIF! Before you kick off your weekend, check out some of the top tech stories from this week.

Google's AI Hasn't Passed Its Biggest Test Yet: Hunting Hate - Bloomberg

Companies are halting their YouTube spending for monthly ads. Earlier this month, companies’ ads were found alongside hateful and extremist videos. Google parent company, Alphabet Inc., may lose less than 1 percent of its sales this year as a result. Google is working to solve YouTube’s problem by using AI to monitor content and ad placement.

Soon your pizza will be ordered, made and delivered through robots - Venture Beat

This week, Domino's Pizza revealed a new project to a number of Dutch and German cities. The pizza restaurant chain is working to use ground drones to deliver food orders that are within a one mile radius. Domino's partnered with Starship Technologies to make this robot a reality.

New High-Res Oculus Home for Gear VR Boosts The Mobile Experience - Fast Company

Oculus VR, an American tech company owned by Facebook has completely revamped Samsung's mobile VR experience. It has taken Samsung’s Gear VR and brought it closer to high-end VR systems. The gear will now feature clearer graphics and incorporate more user participation with connected controllers.

Starbucks is going to try out a mobile order-only store - TechCrunch

Starbucks is working toward improving its mobile ordering and recently added a feature that allows customers to order ahead and pick up their coffee. And because Starbucks mobile ordering is such a hit, the company has plans to open a mobile order only location in Seattle. The mobile order only coffeehouse will have a different design including a more prominent pick-up window.  The location will be open starting next week.

At Digit, All That Spare Change Is Adding Up–To $500 Million in Deposits  - Fast Company

The money-saving app Digit helps users save money without even thinking about it. Once connected to your bank account, it studies your spending habits and income history. Then it takes money that you don’t really need for your daily spending and puts it into a FDIC account. Last year Digit had a total of $75 million in deposits and this year they hit a milestone of $500 million.

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