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Friday Five: 2/3 – 2/7

Sarah Hale


Thanks for checking in with us for Friday Five! Following is the PR and tech news you might have missed this week:

Microsoft’s consumers want to know: 7 questions for Satya Nadella - PCWorld

Satya Nadella is being hailed as the anti-Steve Ballmer. He's the first non-founder CEO for Microsoft with a background in engineering and an MBA. He'll have to reassure consumers and tell them why they should keep buying Windows, what Microsoft's mobile strategy will look like and whether Bing will ever overtake Google.

Target attack shows danger of remotely accessible HVAC systems - Computerworld

The Target hackers' key to the recent data breach? Target's HVAC system (that's right, the air conditioning). Learn how computer-controlled HVAC systems could leave companies vulnerable.

Pitching tips from a former reporter - PRDaily

You know to address not only your client's concerns, but those of their boss'. But have you considered that when you're pitching a reporter, you're also pitching his or her editor? See if your pitch passes the "who cares" and "why now" tests.

How Amazon thinks it can get you to hit 'buy' in 2 seconds or less (Q&A) - CNET

Amazon not only wants to predict what you'll buy next, but get you from product page to purchase in two seconds or less. Check out the Q&A to see how they do it.

Sochi satire Twitter account goes viral - USA Today

@SochiProblems now has more followers than the official @Sochi2014 Twitter account. No word on who is behind the Twitter account, highlighting a seemingly half-built Olympic village.

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