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Friday Five 2/24-2/28

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week:

Calories Get Bigger in Proposed Nutrition Label Makeover – Mashable

Michelle Obama and the FDA have teamed up for a nutrition label overhaul! While I think this is awesome from a consumer standpoint, considering I’ve always wondered how much sugar is ADDED to my food (yes – this is a proposed addition to the new labels!), this also has huge implications for CPG manufacturers and retailers, and will cost millions for manufacturers to produce all new packaging for products. Still, this is a very interesting piece of news on something that’s been the same for almost two decades.

Horrendous Apple 'Keylogger' Flaw Lets Hackers See Everything You Do On Your iPhone – Business Insider

So apparently there's a flaw on the iPhone that could potentially let hackers track everything you do on your phone and everything you type using keylogger malware. How can users remain safe while on their smartphones, and what steps should mobile developers take to block against said malware? Read on.

Trading Site Failure Stirs Ire and Hope for Bitcoin – New York Times

Bitcoin was all over the news this week when people began to suspect its biggest trading platform, Mt Gox, was bankrupt or hacked. It's created a lot of anxiety (up to $300 million in Bitcoin may have been lost), but according to the NYTimes, this might be a sign that Bitcoin is going to be more regulated and a more "mature" part of the traditional financial system going forward. Could this the push Bitcoin needed to figure out how to legitimize itself as a form of currency? We’ll see.

WhatsApp to Introduce Voice Calling – Mashable

WhatsApp, one of the biggest over-the-top messaging applications on the market, announced that it’s introducing voice calling capabilities to its repertoire. This means people could buy an iPod touch, for example, and make calls without having a mobile carrier. It eliminates the need for a mobile carrier. How can carriers combat this? Will they lose all their business to other OTTs that follow WhatsApp’s example? Only time will tell.

Why Experts are Nervous About the Internet of Things – TechRepublic

Anyone who understands the Internet of Things (IoT) understands that there are many reasons why experts are wary about it. This article includes some interesting Q&A about what we should do to try and decrease the possible negative results (that we can't completely foresee yet) of IoT, by incorporating security measures now. Unfortunately they all admit there's pretty much no way around the fact that this technology will almost certainly have flaws. Here’s hoping!

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