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Friday Five: 2/23-2/27

Allison Lautz

By: Brittany Martin, Public Relations Intern

In honor of my fifth Friday at Walker Sands, I will be giving you the scoop on this week's industry news!

Net neutrality a reality: FCC votes to bring Internet under utility-style rules – CNET

The internet will now officially be regulated as a public utility, after months of deliberation and lobbying. Based on a new definition of broadband that will let the government regulate Internet infrastructure, the FCC has adopted Net neutrality regulations. In short, this prohibits broadband providers from blocking or slowing traffic on networks, and also bans Internet service providers from offering paid priority services to companies like Netflix for “fast lanes” in high congested networks.


Is Target's Free Shipping Game A Real Game-Changer? – Forbes

Target, who is out to steal the free shipping fans and loyal customers of Amazon, announced Monday a new low for free shipping with a minimum purchase of $25 in merchandise required. Target’s one smart cookie, as data from - oh look! - our 2015 Future of Retail shows, that free shipping continues to be the top reason consumers say they would shop more online (83% surveyed).

Google Wallet, Softcard partner to take on Apple Pay – CNET

On Monday, Google announced its plan to expand the reach of its Google Wallet mobile payment service in partnering with Softcard, a joint venture between Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile. Google is to acquire Softcard's technology, while the US carriers load the Google Wallet app onto Android smartphones in their stores later this year.

Cyberattack Takes Down Lenovo Website – Wall Street Journal

This Thursday, a cyberattack took down the website of personal-computer maker company, Lenovo. This was not the first, but the second crisis the Fortune 500 company had to deal with, having just apologized for preloading software on some of its laptops that made customers more vulnerable a week prior. Allegations have been made against the hacking group, self-acclaimed as the Lizard Squad. Lenovo is in the process of investigating the attack.

A gold-white version of THAT dress could be on the way, sellers say – Mashable

“The dress that [re-broke] the internet,” A $77 off-the-rack dress blew up in the news and on social media on Thursday, sprouted from a debate for which color combination its threads are made of (white and gold or black and blue). The buzz continues to astound internet trend analysts for what is newsworthy. If this has been a topic of discussion for you and your pals, have no fear, Roman Originals, creator of the fashion pheonomenon has confirmed that #TheDress is indeed, blue and black. The question remains, “What color does the dress think that I am?”


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