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Friday Five: 2/16-2/20

Allison Lautz

By: Katie Beyer, Public Relations Intern

Happy Friday! Here's a roundup of industry news from one of the coldest weeks of the year.

Apple Watch, Shmapple Watch -- TechCrunch

On Monday, LG announced their plan to rival the Apple watch by announcing their new all-metal smartwatch. LG is calling their new watch a “classic timepiece” that will hopefully appeal to both sexes. With the promise of Apple releasing their highly anticipated smartwatch sometime in April, analysts anticipate the release of these two devices to kick start interest in the smartwatch sector.


Facebook is on the move—again -- AdWeek

This week, Facebook launched their dynamic product ads for companies like Target to use the social network to reach their ideal consumer base. Upon generating a catalog, retailers will then allow Facebook to generate ads for items while targeting them to users.  Similarly to Google, Facebook's new system will recognize when a product is out of stock and stop advertising it. Experts think this launch will rival Google’s shopping ads.

Starbucks kicks it up a notchFortune Magazine

Starbucks is aiming to please with their new subscription delivery service—but there’s a slight catch. As of now, they are only offering their “reserve” coffees, aka the rare ones they have in the stores for a limited amount of time. You can get these rare coffee blends delivered to your doorstep for $288/year. Starbucks is attempting to rival Dunkin Donuts’ yearly subscription which costs about $100—Starbucks is sure that the demand for rarer coffees is on the rise, and they expect great success from their new subscription service.

Samsung snatches up LoopPay to rival ApplePayPC World

This week, Samsung announced their acquirement of LoopPay, which will help it to rival the popular Apple Pay service. Unlike Apple Pay, which requires businesses to buy special payment pads, LoopPay’s technology works with traditional credit card readers that are already in stores. Apple Pay is available on the iPhone 6 and will be included in the Apple Watch upon its release—and to up the ante—Samsung has said their new payment system may be included in a new smartphone that could be released in the next few months. iCaramba!


Would you like white or brown rice? Or 1000 calories? – The New York Times

A ‘ball-park estimate’ type report released by the New York Times this week showed us exactly why gorging on Chipotle is even worse than we thought. NYT states that most meals have at least 1,000 calories and a full day’s worth of sodium (!!!). They then list a variety of meal options across the calorie distribution based on 3,000 meals placed on GrubHub, some staying under the 1,000 mark if you try really hard. Chris Arnold, Chipotle’s communications director, said the company is aware of the nutrients their ingredients but that they don’t manage their menu around individual nutrients.


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