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Friday Five 2/10-2/14

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a roundup of industry news for the week:

Twitter Testing Major Profile Redesign That Looks a Lot Like Facebook – Mashable

Twitter is testing a huge design overhaul, according to Mashable. It comes on the heels of a different, more minor modification, and this new one would make the interface look a lot like Facebook. This design is far more visual, and seems to put a higher emphasis on profiles than content of Tweets, which I personally don’t think I like. Check out the gallery of the design change and let me know what you think – hate it or love it?

Taco Bell to Offer Mobile Ordering Nationwide – Nation’s Restaurant News

Taco Bell is currently testing mobile ordering and will likely do a widespread rollout later this year. Other food chains are also looking into the same thing (for example, Starbucks and McDonald’s), so it looks like this trend might be taking off. But to be honest, how often do you think, “Wow I wish it would have taken me two fewer minutes to pick up my Crunch Wrap Supreme?” Not sure if this one is really going to take off.

'Harried Mom' Becomes Dynamic Woman In These Stock Images – NPR

There's been a lot of buzz around the updated "working woman" stock photo lately. and Getty Images together are creating stock images of women and mothers working in more realistic and subtle ways. This article from NPR asserts that this shift might be taking place because women are the primary users of social media and are the audience for most of these targeted ads that have been using outdated photos.

Wrigley Building owners look to lure technology companies – Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation

And the Chicago tech scene continues to grow! The new Wrigley Building owners want to revamp the building to attract tech companies they see as emblems of the future. The owners envision a Wrigley Building decked out with amenities you'd expect to see in tech-friendly spaces, including a state of the art Walgreens, a high-end coffee shop and a fitness center. Sounds good to me!

9 Ways to Make Reporters Fall in Love With You – PR Daily

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day – how to make a reporter fall in love with you! This PR Daily article includes some great tips on how to deepen relationships with reporters. If a busy reporter makes time for an interview with one of your clients, don’t blow them off after – make them know that you value your relationship with them. Check out these tips.

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