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Friday Five: 1/6-1/10

Sarah Hale


Happy Friday! Here’s the roundup of industry news for the week:

The PC is dead, and this year’s CES proves it - Washington Post

Does the Chromebook herald the arrival of a PC-free world? Single-use devices like the Chromebook were popular at CES, as consumers shift toward smaller, cheaper devices for checking email and Facebook.

2014, the year of the 'passive' job hunter - Forbes

In 2014, experts predict that job hunters will become more passive, waiting for recruiters to stumble upon their LinkedIn page before getting in touch with a company. Big data will play a role in finding the perfect candidate for the job. If you're bucking the trend and consider yourself an active job hunter, we're hiring.

Why social media is getting even more expensive - PRDaily

Content marketing is nearly a $120 billion industry. Why so expensive? Developing quality content takes time, but brands may see diminishing returns: the organic reach of a piece is predicted to decline from the current 16 percent rate.

What Changes Will Millennials Force Brands to Make in 2014? - AdAge

Sexism, concussions, unfair labor practices and peanuts: all things that Millennials (as a group) can't stand to see from brands. Companies ranging from Disney to the NFL will have to adapt to everything from views on feminism to the rise of food allergies.

Does Sears Matter? Its Biggest Critic Says Yes - Forbes

Brian Sozzi loves Sears. He says his tweets criticizing the retailer for messy, poorly stocked stores are to get the retailer back on track, but Sears' communication team thinks the opposite.

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