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Friday Five: 12/7 – 12/11

Yasmeen Ahmed

Happy Friday! Here's a roundup of this week's industry news:

Facebook Tweaks News Feed to Speed Up Loading Times - Fast Company

Facebook announced yesterday that they will alter their mobile app to make content more accessible in developing countries where internet connections may be slow.  The change means that even when there is no internet connection, or a bad one, Facebook will first show you content that you haven't viewed yet - rather than trying to load new content. Facebook is testing this update now to allow users to see already downloaded content and even comment on it when they are offline. Facebook commented that they see emerging markets as a significant potential growth area and many of them consume Facebook content on their phone. However, even outside of developing countries the update will allow us all to more conveniently scroll our newsfeed on the subway or in buildings with poor reception.

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg / Franchise Herald

The 100 Best iPhone Apps of All Time - Mashable

Mashable recently named the 100 best iPhone apps of all time. Judging apps based on user-experience, design and how they have revolutionized their respective industries, the list includes many favorite like Uber, Tinder, Angry Birds and Vine with Instagram coming in at number one.

Uber app/Robotics Trends
Uber app / Robotics Trends

Why This New VC is Focused Solely on VR and AR - Fortune

Tech giants like Facebook and Google continue to invest millions into virtual reality and augmented reality, seamlessly overtaking news these days. Now, Presence Capital has raised $10 million to fund new virtual reality projects for Harmonix Music Systems, Baobab and Waygo. Presence Capital's mission is to fuel startups to create innovative virtual reality and augmented reality products. It looks like VR and AR are here to stay with Presence Capital as their champion.

How to survive your office party using apps - Mashable

This Mashable list offers a myriad of apps designed to help you engage in better conversation with or even get out of talking to your coworkers. The list is quite entertaining, to say the least. Like wine? There's app that presents you as a wine connoisseur. It works by snapping a photo of the wine to instantly learn all about it, so you can describe the region and taste impressively to your co-workers. The list also offers an app that will "call you" so you can get out of a conversation with someone by pretending to take a phone call.  And of course the list also has a dating app on it because you definitely want to chat up your co-workers who you accidentally came across on happen. (Don't forget about Uber, which also made the list so you can get out of there and home safely).

Hillary Clinton Is Telling Tech to Disrupt ISIS - Fortune

This week, Hillary Clinton called on tech companies to join the fight against ISIS by taking a more proactive position against terrorism-related content. She urged companies increase scrutiny of content and block or remove the militants' online communications. As a powerful communications tool in today's digitally-inclined world, politicians want to the Internet to do its due diligence in preventing harmful activities like terrorism.

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