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Friday Five: 1/26 – 1/29

Ted Tae


Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of this week’s industry news:

Spotify Ready to Introduce Video Product – The Wall Street Journal

Swedish music-streaming service Spotify introduced its video product to customers this week. The company had originally announced it would be distributing video and podcasts back in May, partnering with a number of recognizable names including ESPN, BBC, Vice Media and Comedy Central. Spotify, which is currently valued at $8.5 billion, hopes to compete with the likes of YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat in the increasingly crowded realm of Web video.

Facebook is finally bringing live streaming to everyone – Mashable

Facebook announced Thursday it’s bolstering its live streaming capabilities for iOS users in the U.S. The social network giant’s new live streaming feature is called “Live,” and function similarly to Periscope broadcasts. Users have the option to a person or Page’s “Live” feed to receive a notification every time there’s an update. The company announced it’s hoping to bring the update to Android users soon.

Snapchat lets you add friends with a link, at last – Engadget

And in more social media news, messaging platform Snapchat is finally letting users add friends with a URL. This means that if you wanted to add, say, Walker Sands to your Snapchat feed, you could simply follow a link like this: (Disclaimer: We’re not actually on Snapchat.) Previously, the primary method of connecting friends on the app was through a QR code, which many considered to be a mark against its user interface.

Amazon Sales Soared 22% in Holiday Quarter, but Profit Fell Short – The New York Times

Amazon’s fourth quarter sales lagged a bit more than expected despite more optimistic predictions for the holiday shopping season. The Seattle-based company reported Thursday that profits weren’t nearly as rosy as initially forecasted. The announcement is indicative of a much larger trend: both traditional and e-commerce retailers -- including stalwarts like Walmart, Macy’s and eBay -- have seen sales dip and business slow down.

Coke Could Lead the Way to More Product-Focused Ads – Ad Age

Coca-Cola is paving the way for more product-focused advertising in the food and beverage industry by replacing its now-familiar "Open Happiness" slogan with a new campaign called "Taste the Feeling.” The major strategic shift marks a return to the basics for marketers: customers want to hear more about how products taste, look and feel. The new campaign will also encompass all Coca-Cola sub-brands, including Diet Coke and Coke Zero, establishing a united front for the brand.

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