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Friday Five 12/30-1/3

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday! Here’s the roundup of industry news for the week:

Nest’s $150 Million Heralds Tidal Wave of Apple Wannabes – Wired

It looks like Apple might not be in a league of its own anymore. A home electronics startup, Nest, has raised more than $150 million at a $2 billion valuation, giving hope to a whole new group of startups hoping to sell small, wireless digital devices. Are consumers ready to start buying non-Apple devices? According to Wired, it looks like that might be the case.

January Resolutions Are Useless--Here's What You Can Do Instead – Inc.

I’m going to be honest – I didn’t make any real resolutions this year, because I never make it past the first couple of weeks. But this list of counterintuitive tips from entrepreneurs might just work for me. Put more things off? Be less accessible? Find out why, you might be surprised.

Smart quotes from founders: How to turn a 'no' into a 'yes' – Chicago Tribune Blue Sky Innovation

This article compiles some of the greatest unconventional advice from startup founders all in one place. We often get so caught up in the logistics of business, we lose some of the basic essentials, like passion and drive. This advice is great to keep on hand, especially for startups.

Food Marketing in 2014 Will Be Ugly – Bloomberg Businessweek

Apparently in 2014 we’re learning to embrace our flaws. Well, at least the wonderful, strange imperfections of handmade food. This past year, we’ve seen a lot of people rejecting the flawlessness of food marketing, like McDonald’s burgers, for example. In 2014, we’ll be looking for authentic food in all its imperfection – yum!

5 emerging social networks PR pros must know– PR Daily

I’m embarrassed to say, I had only heard of one of these before reading this article. While the author does not suggest that any of these social networks will take off immediately and surpass Instagram or Tumblr or even Facebook, they outline reasons why each of these are worth knowing, especially if you work in PR. Find out why.

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