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Friday Five: 12/23 – 12/27

Sarah Hale


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday week! Ease back into your normal routine with a roundup of what you might have missed over the holidays:

IAC fires PR exec Justine Sacco over ‘racist’ tweet over AIDS – New York Daily News

Justine has landed - and she's been fired. The former senior director of  corporate communications at IAC displayed shocking insensitivity (for a human or a PR pro) in a tweet before boarding a flight to Cape Town. Backlash ensued before she stepped off the plane.

Judge rules NSA collection of phone records is legal - CNN

A judge has ruled that the NSA's collection and storage of phone data doesn't violate the Constitution. The ACLU disagrees, however, and plans to appeal the ruling.

Mobile Devices Will Be Biggest Business Security Threat in 2014 - Mashable

According to the Ponemon Insitute and Lumension, 75 percent of IT security pros said that mobile devices, not desktops, will pose the biggest threat to companies' security in 2014. That's up from 9 percent who said the same thing in 2010.

Rise of Snapchat: Do you want an erasable Internet? - Fox News

Google and Facebook have built an Internet based on permanence, but Snapchat may have heralded the arrival of the "erasable Internet." Will it pose a threat to the Internet companies that built the permanent Internet?

6 SEO rules every PR pro should live by - PRDaily

Before coming to Walker Sands, I'll admit that I thought "good SEO" meant including links in a press release. After learning from Walker Sands Digital, I've seen the error of my ways. Kathleen McFadden at Buchanan Public Relations shares six tips every PR pro should know.

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