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Friday Five: 12/21 – 12/25

Beth Frenzer

Happy Holidays! Here's a roundup of this week's industry news:

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Box Office: $248M Opening Weekend, $529M Worldwide - Forbes

To no one’s surprise, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” crushed records at the box office this weekend. The highly-anticipated movie is estimated to have brought in a record-breaking $247 million in its opening weekend. The film also broke the Thursday preview records earning $57 million and single-day Friday record with $119 million. Beside the record ticket sales, fans of the franchise and critics seemed more excited with director J.J. Abrams' ability to reignite the story and bring it closer to the spirit of George Lucas’ original trilogy.

Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli arrested for securities fraud - Washington Post

The infamous “pharma bro”, Martin Shkreli, was arrested for securities fraud. The U.S. attorney revealed that the 32-year-old executive was essentially running a Ponzi scheme to trick investors and cover up his losses with money from his other businesses. Shkreli is most well-known for jacking up the price of a drug primarily used in cases of newborns and HIV patients by almost 4,000 percent. Shkreli has essentially become a poster child for Wall Street greed and has faced major backlash from the media after defending the price raise as a “good business decision” and spending over $2 million on a never-released Wu-Tang Clan album.

Kim Kardashian is convinced her new app broke the App Store - Mashable

Kim Kardashian gave her fans an early Christmas present on Monday with the release of her Kimoji app. The app includes various Kim-themed emojis included her infamous crying face and contour makeup. However after the app was launched, many users complained the emojis failed to load. Instead of addressing the main concerns about the app in general, Kim Kardashian blamed it on the App Store, insisting on Twitter that her fans had “broke the entire App Store”.  While there is no evidence the App Store was ever broken or down, Kardashian continues to claim she has broken the Internet and now Apple’s App Store.

SpaceX Makes History: Falcon 9 Launches, Lands Vertically - NBC News

Elon Musk has something big to celebrate about this week.  The founder of SpaceX tweeted “Welcome back, baby!” after his company completed the landing of rocket, Falcon 9. The company achieved a historic vertical landing of their rocket in Cape Canaveral, Florida. SpaceX’s previous attempts had been unsuccessful, but the company is now the first to launch an orbital-class booster and land it in-tact.

Facebook Starts Rolling Out Support For Apple’s Live Photos - TechCrunch

Since Apple announced their new “Live Photos” feature in September, apps and other third parties have been slow to incorporate the new technology. “Live Photos” allows everyone to snap photos that they can then animate into GIFs. On Tuesday, photo-sharing giant Facebook said they would be integrating the new feature in their upcoming update. The process of adding a live photo will be almost identical to normal photos except for needing to tap the new LIVE button on the bottom-right of the box. The image will show as just a picture on your feed, but your friends can click the same LIVE button on the post to enjoy the moving image.

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