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Friday Five 12/2-12/6

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday! We’re already into December which means the holidays and planning for 2014 is in full-swing. It also means a lot of incredible and crazy things are happening in the world of PR, tech and marketing. Check out some of the highlights:

Black Friday 2013 Backfires On Retailers. Can Cyber Monday Save Them? – Forbes

Although we already know by now that Cyber Monday sales blew Black Friday out of the water, this article is still worth the read. Black Friday used to be such a huge event – shoppers clambering over each other to get the best deal on electronics and other splurge items. This Forbes article takes an interesting look at how Black Friday has evolved, and how purchasing is driven differently now than it was 60 years ago.

Amazon drones? Time for a reality check – CNN Money

You’ve likely heard that Jeff Bezos revealed an Amazon drone delivery system in the works on 60 Minutes this week. The media went wild over the announcement. But after the initial buzz, it’s time for a reality check. Read this CNN Money article if you’re ready to poke holes in Bezos’ ideas. Calm down, Amazon.

Cyber Monday setting shipping records this year – Daily Bulletin

As I previously mentioned, Cyber Monday shattered e-commerce records this week – but what’s the next step? Shipping, of course. Those records have been set, too. This article says that on Cyber Monday, FedEx alone hit 22 million shipments worldwide. Fulfillment centers across the country are working overtime right now. So how will they do it all – and well before Christmas? Read more to find out.

Lessons for Communicators from Nelson Mandela – PR News

Following the heartbreaking news about Nelson Mandela’s death yesterday evening, I wanted to share this PR News article about the lessons we can learn as communicators from his incredible life. Nothing more than a compilation of his notable quotes, he was one of the best communicators in the world, and gave advice that should not be ignored by the rest of us in the communication industry.

How Not to Be THAT PERSON at Your Agency Holiday Party – Digiday

Good news – Walker Sands is having our annual holiday party this year! Now what kind of an employee would I be if I didn’t include a little holiday party etiquette in this week’s Friday Five? While some of these are incredibly obvious, they’re good things to keep in mind as office holiday party season is in full-swing.

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