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Friday Five 12/16-12/20

Sasha Hayman


Happy Friday and Happy Holidays! Here’s the roundup of industry news for the week:

Amid Amazon’s Drones and Dominance, What’s a Retailer to Do? – Forbes

This year, Amazon has dominated the e-commerce world, and a lot of online retailers started feeling the heat to outshine the e-retail giant. But according to this article from Forbes, retailers should be thanking Amazon for making online shopping relevant, and instead of trying to beat them out, work on improving the aspects of shopping and customer experience that Amazon can never replicate. Interesting point of view for retailers to start considering as we move into the new year.

How to Innovate Your Gift-Giving – Fast Company

You’ve probably already done most of your holiday shopping. According to this article, the average American adult will spend nearly $800 on gifts this holiday season. And let me tell you – they won’t all be winners. So why aren’t we spending less, but getting gifts that go further? This article from Fast Company tells you how to innovate the way you give gifts. Hopefully you haven’t bought all your gifts yet, you could be saving a lot!

Four Traits of Ego-Centric Content Marketing and How to Cure Them –

A recent Curata study found that 87 percent of marketers use content marketing as a key part of their strategy. But writing a bunch of content to build up your brand often comes off as “in-your-face” to consumers, who are turned off by that kind of attitude. So how can you build your brand’s content without coming off as ego-centric? This CMO article outlines four problems marketers are running into, and offers four simple solutions.

The Top 10 Social Media Wins of 2013 –

Are you a social media guru? This article is a must-read. It serves as a reminder of just how much has happened in the social media industry this year. The growth has been tremendous, and this article serves as a fun roundup of the best things we saw from social media in 2013.

Good Morning, Sunshine! – Slate

Based in Chicago, we know the dark of winter gets a lot less manageable after the holidays through February. Can artificial sunlight help boost our spirits? According to this Slate article, light-box therapy has actually been proven to alleviate symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. All those in favor of getting one for Walker Sands, tweet it!

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