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Friday Five: 12/15-12/19

Theresa Ianni

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of industry news from this week!

Sony cancels North Korea movie in apparent win for Pyongyang hackers - Reuters

After hackers imposed multiple threats and leaked sensitive information this November, Sony pulled "The Interview" from theaters this week. The company received criticism from political leaders and celebrities alike, but stands by its decision. While the hackers are "happy" with the decision to pull the movie, they are still threatening to leak more sensitive data if Sony doesn't continue to comply by their demands.

NASA just e-mailed a wrench to space - ars technica

There's no stopping astronauts from getting what they need thanks to Made In Space's 3D printer. In fact the new printer has allowed astronauts to print 21 objects for testing on Earth. More impressively, NASA was able to quickly send a wrench from earth to an astronaut in space, a feat that usually takes months as it relies on the next space mission. This technology renders lower cost for experiments, faster design and a better experience for crew members. I've said it once and I'll say it again, the 3D printer is out of this world!

Facebook's Popularity Among Teens Dips Again - Bloomberg

Facebook's popularity is continuing to decline according to a study by Frank N. Magid Associates Inc. The study found that the portion of 13 to 17 year-olds on Facebook slipped from 94 percent to 88 percent in one year while Twitter and other messaging applications like Kik grew in popularity. The report indicates that teens don't view Facebook as trustworthy or fun as they do other social networking sites like Pinterest. While Facebook's ad revenue is on the rise, the declining user base should be on the company's radar for 2015.

Uber is trying to patent surge pricing - Mashable

Instead of apologizing after being criticized for surging prices during Sydney's hostage crisis, Uber is  seeking a patent for surge pricing. The surge pricing multiplies Uber's revenue and "is used to encourage more drivers to come online and pick up passengers from the area." I think it's just an easy way for Uber to make more money. So Uber, please don't.

Instagram Is Now Worth $35 Billion - TechCrunch

Following the announcement that Instagram has surpassed Twitter in active users, the company is now worth $35 billion. Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram continually adds filters and features that make the site more appealing to its users. I haven't tested out the filters yet, but I'm sure they'll optimize pictures even more than usual.

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