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Friday Five: 12/14 -12/18

Ted Tae

Happy Friday! Here’s a roundup of this week’s industry news:

Here’s How to Register Your Drone With the FAA – Fortune

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Monday that it’s rolling out a new registration process for drones. The policy requires owners of these unmanned aerial vehicles to register with the government online by no later than Feb. 19 of next year. The FAA will charge a registration fee of $5, valid for three years. Failure to register will result in steep fines up to $27,500, with criminal penalties as high as $250,000 and three years in prison. Drone supporters were quick to speak out against the policy, saying the fee could prevent people from registering their drones and cut demand.

Image Source: DJI/Fortune
Image Source: DJI/Fortune

A Year in Search 2015 – Google

The world’s largest search engine released its annual “Year in Search” list, offering data-driven visualizations of the top Google searches this year. Some of the biggest search terms this year include Paris, which saw two major terrorist attacks in 2015; the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise; basketball player Lamar Odom; and the Cricket World Cup. Other notable news events from earlier this year include Hurricane Patricia and the earthquake in Nepal.

Europe Finally Agrees Tough New Data Protection Rules – TechCrunch

This week, the European Union finally agreed on a set of new data protection rules, or GDPR. The regulations were first proposed over three years ago and include provisions like fines for data breaches; a requirement for companies to appoint data protection officers; and endorsement of a so-called “right to be forgotten” law providing stipulations for when an individual no longer wants their data to be processed by a company.

Image Source: TechCrunch
Image Source: TechCrunch

Apple Pay Is Set to Arrive in China – The New York Times

In other international news, Apple announced Thursday it’s introducing its mobile payment and digital wallet service in China. Apple Pay allows users to pay for goods by holding a mobile device near a credit card reader and supports credit, debit, store and loyalty cards. The company said it expects Apple Pay to be accessible to China UnionPay cardholders “as soon as early 2016 after relevant tests and certification required by Chinese regulators.”

You’ll Be Outraged at How Easy It Was to Get You to Click on This Headline – Wired

And for some more lighthearted—but still relevant—news, Wired ran this article that examines the effectiveness of clickbait journalism. The title of the article itself is instantly recognizable as following a distinct pattern of annoyingly captivating headlines. The article explores in-depth why humans are so attracted to clickbait and the underlying psychology therein. 

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